Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I hope many of you read the article I posted about the 15 year old michigan girl with Medulloblastoma. As inspiring as the story is, I do think it's necessary to point out she's on a much different protocol then Kevin, Heather, Ethan, and other St. Judes kids with Medullo. Her protocol calls for 15 to 18 months of lower dose chemo with longer intervals of rest in between. I don't think it would be realistic for somebody on St. Jude's 4 month aggressive, high dose chemo, to accomplish what she's done. However, still the same, low dose or high dose, it's amazing and inspirational what she's accomplished. And most of all, her attitude sets a great example. Still the same, I'm proud of Kevin and how he's handled his high dose chemo cycle. He may not be playing baseball, but hopefully in just a few months this will be behind him, and he can move forward with the rest of his life.

Take Care,